Signal Mountain Farmers' Market 

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Why Local?

Recently, the economy of our food system has changed dramatically. Despite, the small size and varying distribution, farms that sell their produce and other products, locally, boost the economic growth of their communities, according to a study done at Pennsylvania State University in 2014. The study also found that by establishing direct sales between the farmer and the consumer had a positive effect on total agricultural sales, which in turn has an effect on income growth, this study exemplifies that direct, local sales help develop and grow local economies.

As our global population continues to skyrocket, local food production will be key in maintaining our consumption levels. When a small community depends on local farms, it allows for diversity of products. Currently, many large farms solely produce wheat, or other grains, however, as our population grows, we will have to use such large amounts of arable land for more diverse purposes. Local farms help create a sustainable economic model for the future of agriculture and our food utilization. 

By choosing to shop at our local farmers' market, you are helping to improve Signal Mountain's local economy, and encouraging our future in sustainable economic practices and support environmentally-friendly methods.