Signal Mountain Farmers' Market 

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The Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market operates under an honor system, and we expect all of our vendors to adhere to a strict code of conduct, honor and integrity.

In order to become and maintain vendor eligibility, all vendors must agree to the following:

       -conduct business in an honest and truthful manner

       -demonstrate integrity with customers, vendors and the community 

       -show courtesy and respect to customers, other vendors and the market

       -operate vehicles & other equipment in a responsible manner 

Vendor privileges can, and will, be revoked without warning if a vendor is found to be in violation of these core values, including convictions by a court of law.

1. The Market will be in operation on Thursdays from 3:30p.m. until 6:30 p.m. rain or shine. Set up begins no earlier than 3 p.m. and all vendors must exit the grounds by 7:00 p.m.

2. Returning and prospective vendors must fill out a yearly application and pay the yearly $50 membership fee. The membership fee will be returned if the application is not accepted.

3. A fee of $10 is required for each 10' X 10' space. The fee is to be paid to the market manager during the market each week. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

4. Vendors must check in with the Market Manager or representative and be assigned a space prior to setting up.

5. All tents must be adequately weighted down at all FOUR tent legs.  If you do not have tent weights, you will not be allowed to set up your canopy.  If your weights are not adequate and your tent lifts off the ground, you will be fined $100 and receive a written warning form the market manager. 

6. Vendors must reside within 100 miles of the market. Farmers and vendors must sell products that they themselves produce. A request for someone else to represent them at the market must be made to the manager in the following manner:

       a. Both farmers must be members of the market

       b. The farmer selling for another must supply a written statement of the agreement/relationship with the other farmer.

       c. The selling farmer must separate the other farmer’s products and provide signage to identify the source farm by name and location. 

7. All vendors must display a sign indicating their farm name and the town, county or region in which they farm. Farmers are required to post information about their farming practices (i.e., organic, sustainable, chemical-free or conventional).

8. Vendors selling processed food, meat and eggs must comply with ALL state and federal laws and regulations. Please refer to the State of Tennessee Compliance Guide.

9. Vendors are responsible for acquiring all permits and licenses required by law. Vendors who have a state license (plant, retail meat license, domestic kitchen, etc.) must provide a copy to the market manager by including these documents with their application.

10. Vendors are required to respond each week to manager's email request for information about their products at the next market to facilitate correct advertising and to plan for adequate spacing.

11.  Every attempt will be made to place vendors in their regular space. However, the market manager reserves the right to move a vendor.

12. Vendors are allowed to sell only the types of products listed on their application. If a vendor would like to add a new item during the year, they must first obtain approval from the Market Committee.

13. Tables, scales, bags, sacks, boards/shelves, baskets, signs, containers, change and chairs must be provided by each vendor.

14.  All items in vendors space must be secured and are their responsibility

15. Applicable sales tax is the responsibility of each vendor.

16. Each vendor is responsible for cleaning their space before the vendor departs the market each day. You must take your trash with you. Please provide a trash receptacle for your area.

17. No live animals may be brought to or sold at the market. This includes pets.

18. Vendors will set their own prices and must clearly mark the price of all products.

19. No tobacco products should be consumed by vendors while in the market area. This includes electronic cigarettes.

20. Complaints by customers must be reported directly to the market manager.

21. Complaints and grievances by vendors should be reported to the market manager.  Please refer to our "Vendor Complaint Policy" on this website. 

22. Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market reserves the right to change market location and time as needed.

23. All vendors selling food products are required to carry a product and general liability policy with at least 1 million per occurrence and 2 million aggregate limits. Each vendor must provide the market with a certificate of insurance showing a blanket additional insured endorsement or specifically naming The Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market,  P O Box 664, Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377 as an additionally insured.

24. Enforcement of the Market Guidelines is the responsibility of the market manager. Any vendor who is found not in compliance with any of the above guidelines will:

        1st: Receive a warning from the manager

        2nd: Be asked to leave the market and not be allowed to return to the market unless approved by the Board of Directors.