Signal Mountain Farmers Market Vendor Complaint Policy and Forms

Complaint Policy:

The Signal Mt. Farmers’ Market rules will be enforced by market management. The Market manager and board members have full authority to interpret, implement and enforce policies. Violation of the rules is cause for warnings and/or expulsion.

        Market management will not react to rumor, anonymous complaints or vague/ untimely complaints from vendor to vendor. Vendor to vendor complaints must be submitted to the market manager or a market board member within 14 days of the incident in question. The complaint form must be fully filled in and signed and is to be submitted with the 30$ good faith check. Market management will investigate the allegation within 21 days. This may include farm inspections and other necessary actions. If the complaint is found valid, the good faith check will be returned. If the compliant is found groundless, the check will be forfeited and deposited. The complainant and the alleged violator may be asked to attend a joint meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to clarify policy, determine violation and determine disciplinary actions. All investigations will be done discreetly and privately. At the conclusion of the investigation, a summary finding will be placed in the market files and given only to parties involved. Hostile confrontations will not be tolerated at any time. Vendors displaying such behavior will be asked to leave immediately. Let us work hard to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Signal Mt. Farmers’ Market Complaint Form


Complainant Information:


Name: _____________________________________


E-mail/ Phone Number: _____________________________________


Complaint Information:

Please provide detailed accounts.

Complaint is regarding:  ㅁ Vendor          ㅁ Customer         ㅁ Other


Name of offender (required):______________________________________________________


Date incident or rule violation occurred: _________________________________________


Name of Witnesses:_____________________________________________________




Evidence supporting complaint: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Complainant Signature:_________________________________________  Date:________________________________

Vendor to Vendor complaints must be submitted with a 30$ good faith check. All vendor to vendor complaints must be submitted within 14 days of the incident to the market manager or a board member. The allegation will be investigated within 21 days. If the allegation is true the good faith check will be returned and the SMFM Board will determine disciplinary action. If the allegation is false, the check will be deposited.