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Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at the Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market. The Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market Committee will review your application and make a decision in committee as to whether you are a good fit for the Market at this time. We strive to maintain a diverse group of products while not having too many of the same items.



The Mission of the Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market is to provide a place where local farmers, producers, crafters and artisans come together to provide a variety of fresh produce and related products directly to the consumer. The market encourages direct communication between consumers and growers and fosters social gathering and community building.



The Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market operates under an honor system, and we expect all of our vendors to adhere to a strict code of conduct, honor and integrity.

In order to become and maintain vendor eligibility, all vendors must agree to the following:

·         conduct business in an honest and truthful manner

·         demonstrate integrity with customers, vendors and the community

·         show courtesy and respect to customers, other vendors and the market

·         operate vehicles & other equipment in a responsible manner

Vendor privileges can, and will, be revoked without warning if a vendor is found to be in violation of these core values, including convictions by a court of law.



Returning and prospective vendors must fill out a yearly application, pay the yearly $50 membership/application fee and expect to be visited by a representative of the market. The membership fee is for the 2017 calendar year. The membership fee will be returned if your application is not accepted. Return your completed application and check to:


                                    Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market

                                    P O Box 664

                                    Signal Mtn, TN 37377


Make checks payable to: Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market. If you have any questions about the application please contact us at signalfarmersmarket@gmail.com .

Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market Application 2017


Name(s) of owner:


Business Name:


Street Address:


City, State & Zip:


Telephone:                                                      Cell phone:


E-mail address:



1. Please list farm products to be sold (types of produce, eggs, honey, herbs, plants, flowers, frozen meats and poultry, plants, etc.) Please be as specific as possible.



















2. Please list value-added or prepared foods to be sold (breads, cheeses, packaged sealed, ready-to-eat, jams, jellies, crafts, etc.) Please refer to the attached State of Tennessee Market Compliance Guide.







3. Growing practices: How would you describe your growing practices? (Certified organic, non-certified organic, sustainable methods, conventional, other)






4. Will you be offering a CSA pickup from your booth? If so, how many shares will be picked up at the Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market?





Other Vendors:

Please describe the articles you are planning to sell. You must produce the items you wish to sell, no reselling of any items. For new applicants, please send a photograph of your products to signalfarmersmarket@gmail.com .













All Vendors:

Please list the months of the year that you are interested in selling at the market. This helps with planning. You may sell whenever the market is open.













Vendor Agreement:

 I submit that the information provided for my participation in the market is accurate and complete, that I have received, read and understand the Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market Guidelines and I agree to abide by the provisions of the Guidelines, Vendor Code of Conduct, and this application.






In consideration of the permission granted by the Pruett’s Signal Mountain Market, Inc. to the Program Participant identified below to use and occupy the property of Lookout Mountain Investment Company and Pruett’s Signal Mountain Market  for activities and sales pertaining to the Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market (“the Program”), the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned hereby agrees to release and discharge Pruett’s Signal Mountain Market, Lookout Mountain Investment Company and The Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market for any and all liabilities for any loss, injury or damage to any such person or property. The undersigned assumes all risks associated with use of the Property, including the Facility, and the Premises. Undersigned shall, at all times, indemnify and hold harmless Pruett’s Signal Mountain Market, Lookout Mountain Investment Company and The Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market from all losses, damages, claims, liabilities, and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees and other expenses, which may arise or be claimed against or imposed upon or incurred by Pruett’s Signal Mountain Market, Lookout Mountain Investment Company and The Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market in favor of any person, firm, or entity, for any injuries or damages to the person arising out of or related in any way to the undersigned’s participation or involvement in the Program.


Executed as a sealed instrument this month____________day__________and year__________


Program Participant: (Print)_______________________________________________________








Signal Mountain Farmers’ Market Manager












Application received by:                                         Date:_______________



Membership Fee total $_____________ Check #:_________________



Site Visit made by:_______________________________            Date:______________



Applicant approved date:___________________________


If not approved, applicant rejected for the following reason(s):






If not approved, date membership fee was reimbursed:___________________________