Signal Mountain Farmers' Market 

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-          Demonstrations can be made by any vendor, customer, or local business and should reflect the mission of the market.

-          Demonstrations may be held at least once a month.

-          Demonstrations must be provided in the Market booth or the “demonstration booth” but may not occur under your own

           businesses tent.

-          If you are a vendor, your booth space will be free the week of your demonstration.  If you are a local business, no charge

           will be required for demonstrations and you will gain free advertising for your business.

-          The Market will provide a $50 budget maximum for each demonstration.

-          Food demonstrations must reflect the produce that is in season at the market during the time of your demonstration.

-          The Market will provide utensils and paper ware for all demonstrations.

-          All demonstrations will start at 4:00 sharp, and run until 5:00.

-          There will be no re-selling of demonstration products.  Arts and Crafts demonstrations will be “give-away” items during

           demonstrations, food demonstrations will be given as “free-samples.”

-          The market will reimburse receipts for all products purchased by the demonstrator. You must provide receipts to the 

            Market Manager, or market representative.

-          All demonstrators are responsible for keeping the demonstration are neat and clean during and after demonstrations, and

           are required to clean up after themselves.